Thugs Clan is an old gaming clan, today defunct/inactive.

It all began back in early 1997 when i, Cool C, and OLD_E were studying together, we played alot of Quake at that time. I bought my first 3D-accelerator, a 3dfx Voodoo... the king. We played mostly at LAN's at that time and the clan wasn't much more than a vision, we didn't have any kind of tactic or organisation. I wasn't really happy with that, our gameplay was very disorganized and clumsy, and i thought it was time to move on. So, after some weeks of pondering i decided to enter the Quake2-world and organize the clan.

After a very slow beginning, things started to move and we collected great players like our old Toasty, Paranoid, Antoxiz, Davve, Trespasser, Draftnik and dear MindsEye. My good friend Spliffo joined the gang as well. Now this was the golden era for the clan, we were very active, we had a really nice relationship within the clan and we were really damn good (Atleast we like to think so ;). Unfortunatly everything must have an end, so in the spring of 1999, almost exactly two years after our birth, we decided to quit playing Quake2 and put the clan to sleep until the coming multiplayer era.

In the fall of 1999, Epic released Unreal Tournament and a month later Id released Quake3Arena -the era we had been waiting for was upon us. I blew some life back into the clan and we began playing Quake3 and shortly after some Unreal Tournament, this time however the glorious comeback i had wished for never came. I watched as the once great clan of TC crumbled before me and withered away... I was tempted to give up and let the clan sleep its final rest, but i realized i didn't want to do that. I really wanted to once again be able to be a part of a great clan, and i really wanted that clan to be TC. Therefore i completely reorganized the clan in the spring of 2000, and this time we went in for Unreal Tournament only.

It went really well this time and we collected a bunch of really nice people like Trinelin, MaxHeadroom, Zeomic, Zidog, Mac, Wut@ng, Fa, Zordnil and Compiz. We never became very great in the terms of won matches or tournaments but we had a good time. For a couple of years we were really active, especially when playing UT CTF. Unfortunately with time the game grew old and we as well, we couldn't agree on which game to move on to and the clan sort of slowly died as we went separate ways. For the moment the Thugs rest, maybe we wake up again some day.

The forum is currently half-broken and it's not possible to login or create new posts, I maybe fix it if I find some time left over. Meanwhile, if anyone want to reach the now defunct clan or me, send an email to: coolc -at-
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